Gothic Chapel

Gothic Chapel

As a photographer sometimes we see the world differently than others do, I was travelling around Yorkshire and decided to visit York minster to see its grandeur. Indeed it was fantastic, lunch beckoned and I called into a little pastry shop in one of the old back streets of the city.

Standing on a corner taking in the street view I was struck by how lonely a church appeared, it was by no means small or out of the way but somehow it seemed overlooked as the tourists and residents swept by on their way to the far more imposing York Cathedral. Whilst gazing upon this building I was debating whether to walk away or photograph it my choice was made for me as the sun appeared from out of the high cloud haze.

I knew that if I photographed it whilst standing up all I would shoot was a building and a lot of light as the Sun would hit my camera full onto the lens, and this is where as photographers we sometimes take a different view. Immediately I crouched down at the side of the road to place the sun behind the building I envisioned that this would give me a sort of Halo effect around the top of the Chapel once I had processed the image. Thankfully it did. Once back at the computer it was only natural to convert the shot into Black and White. I paid a lot of attention to the sky in this shot as it gives the image far more depth and exaggerating the converging verticals give the shot a certain air of menace.

I love the texture of the stone and how the weathering of the exterior tells a tale of centuries of use. It’s a picture which thousands of people walk past everyday but perhaps only a photographer would stop and capture it for eternity.


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