Grasmere Lake

Grasmere Lake

This was taken a couple of hours after ‘Light and Leaf’ which is another image in my portfolio. After descending from a ridge line I was walking towards Rydal Lake and to be quite honest it was heading towards midday, not a time I would normally shoot. However this was the Lake District and the light and weather are as unpredictable as it gets. I remember stopping for a drink and looking out over the lake and was struck by the light falling across the scene picking out the highlights from every tree and bush from the foreground right into the far away hills.

Now the sky wasn’t as dramatic as I picture here, taking my Nikon I shot three exposures one to expose the ground, another to get as much detail as I could of the sky and a third to hold onto the mid tones of the image, it was inevitable that taking just one shot would either give me a dark foreground or a washed out sky or a completely uninteresting shot.

When I developed the image I then had three separate images to work with and with a combination of Photoshop editing software and a sense of the dramatic you can see the result here.



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