Light and leaf

Light and leaf

The Lake District in Cumbria is a photographers dream, fantastic landscapes dramatic weather, superb sunrises. The famous Wainwright’s walks well trodden paths but there are also paths not taken little quite back waters leading to dramatic lakes and hills, who stops to see those in the rush to capture that one great shot. Well I to be honest with you, early spring and I found myself at a favourite route of mine on the way from Grasmere Lake to Rydal Lake via a well worn walk.

To be honest I was bored it was later than I normally shoot and I was delayed by traffic so I thought I had missed that Golden hour which brings out the colours and contrast just around dawn, so I decided to head to the higher peaks to see if a panoramic shot would work, as is usual in the Lake district I got a little lost and found myself on a roadway leading to a peak, I still don’t know where it was leading to this day. However as I walked along the road dodging the very occasional car I could smell wood smoke and as I turned a corner this was the scene I was presented with the still early morning sun was filtering through the trees and accenting the hedges which lined the road. I knew that if I underexposed the shot I could pull a lot of the detail back in post processing whilst retaining the magic of the light rays passing across the image. Quickly setting up my tripod in the middle of the road, still not recommended even on a deserted part of the Lakes, but the only way I could frame the shot. I remember taking around twenty or so shots of the scene as the light and the smoke changes each shot would tell me a different story. I still needed to crop out a little of the tarmac road surface but all in all a magical shot and in a place I don’t think I could ever find again.



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