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Philosophy of painting with light

As a photographer the first question I often get asked is “so what do you photograph?”  It’s an odd question for me to answer, I think of myself as a Photographer.

I take images with a device which controls light, whether that is a 35mm film camera, a medium format film camera, a compact digital camera or the latest all singing all dancing DSLR, I even use my smart phone now and again. So the complete answer is I am a photographer, this of course does not satisfy and the follow up question invariably is of the order “yes but do you do….. Weddings, portraits, pictures of my pet etc” to which I reply of course I do, I can take pictures of anything and anyone.

Talking to clients can develop into something of a tutorial as each client is so used to dealing with a highly specialised talent they expect a portrait photographer to take portraits, a landscape photographer to produce amazing landscapes and so on. However when they step back and consider what a Photographer can do for them a whole new expectation then arises, this usually happens around the time I show my portfolio, yes it has landscapes but also portraits, weddings, classic cars etc.

One client even went so far as to say “yes but which one did you take…..” to which I reply all of them of course. That is the crux of the matter I can offer so much more if I don’t limit myself and my thinking to a specific subset of the art I am open to any influence and any new idea and yet I like to think that the images I produce are recognisable and distinct so as to remain fresh and relevant to what the client requires.

So there in a nutshell is my philosophy ‘I am a photographer, I paint with light and I can take photographs with any camera of any subject ‘

It’s a simple philosophy and in its simplicity lies it strength.